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Etica da TerraEtica da Terra is non-government non-profit organization located in Zeist, Netherlands and also cooperating with all groups of people in community like young, elderly, disabled, etc. Organization is specialized in the field of capacity building, environmental conservation and social responsibility awareness, cleanliness, health through prevention, organic food, promoting freedom, equality and brotherhood, poverty reduction, promoting entrepreneurship, micro-credits, legal amendments, research and development of alternative technologies, promoting culture and historical heritage conservation, organizing events and seminars increasing general awareness, contributing to community work and social and ecological sustainability and active participation of community citizens. We are working on linking and increasing cooperation between formal education and private sector with purpose of increasing practical knowledge and general knowledge, move focus from memorizing information to logical and critical thinking and implementation of learnt knowledge and to increase employability especially of young people. We cooperate with many local colleges and various partners to reach stated goals.

Organisation is active in the field of youth work running educational activities as language classes, seminars and trainings, organizes events and visits at schools at colleges, discussions with students etc. Our activities include Consulting, Lectures, Courses on Nature Watching, Nutrition, Associative Economics, Projects on protection of fauna and flora, and support to the traditional people, Opportunities regarding the export of ecological products, Certification (IBD and Cert-ID), Market researches on sustainable products, Planning of international events with social and ecological banks, Planning of events on human and animal nutrition, safety of eating habits, and public health. Our activities are focused on promoting youth development, ethics, peace, citizenship, human rights, democracy, and other universal values.

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