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Food According to its Origin – Transgenics

The Right to know for the conscientious consumption

What are transgenics?
The genetically modified organisms (GMOs), or transgenics, are those that have genes from any other living organism inserted into their genetic code. The objective of doing so is to add to the organism, being it animal or vegetable, a new characteristic, through the transference of one or more genes from another being. It is possible, with this technology, to insert the genes of rats into humans, of viruses, fungi or bacteria into soy seeds and so on.
Transgenics and the Human Health
Almost no study was made to evaluate the effects of transgenics on the consumer’s health and on the environment. However, the few experiments made indicate serious effects on human health. Even doctors and scientists have doubts and diverge regarding the risks involved in this practice, to both the consumer and his descendents.
Transgenics and the Economy
Recent researches show that almost 80% of the European population is against the consumption of transgenic food, being this the reason why most of the European governments prohibited its selling and growing.

Given the high availability of fertile soil and the tradition of growing non-transgenic food, Brazil is in the spotlight of the exports market and has a rare chance of becoming world leader in the production of organic food.

On the other hand, the transgenic seeds are patented by the companies that have developed them, being a monopoly of what today is abundant in our country, established.

Transgenics and the Environment
Due to the lack of conclusive studies, it is impossible to determine the consequences of the introduction of transgenic organisms in the environment. However, the little that is known indicates to great risk of losing biodiversity, the biggest wealth the future generations of Brazilians can inherit.
Consumer’s Rights
Contrary to the legislation in force, the great majority of the products that contain transgenics are not labeled, inhibiting the consumer’s possibility of chosing.

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